The quokka in Western Australia are again under threat as loggers prepare to log Arcadia forest near Bunbury. A community picnic was held in the forest to alert the public.

Japanese owned Simcoa - one of the biggest consumers of native forest trees

Quokka caught in a DEC pig trap

This video was taken near Nannup WA on 5 Jan 2011 and shows a quokka caught in a Department of Environment and Conservation pig trap. The animal had been trapped for several days (many quokka droppings both new and dried out were found in the trap).

I contacted John Carter, the DEC officer in charge of pig trapping, and he told me that in wet weather the traps are only checked every three days. This is not good enough for a department that is in charge of protecting Australian native animals. The quokka is listed as vulnerable.

DEC recently charged a person with animal cruelty after a quokka was kicked on Rotnest Island. The quokka was released immediately after taking the video.

David Patterson