Arcadia Forest Update

Preston Environment Group - August 2011

Dear Supporter,
Premier Colin Barnett and Environment Minister Bill Marmion have been sending letters of response in reply to over a thousand postcards sent by members of the public to the Parliament calling for Arcadia forest and its small colony of mainland quokka to be saved from the bulldozers.

Premier Barnett and Minister Marmion, in their letter of response; give recipients the impression that the destruction of Arcadia has already taken place, or is imminent. However, nothing could be further from the truth, as Arcadia still stands and its small colony of quokka remains protected for now.

The Preston Environment Group will continue its campaign to save Arcadia and it's quokka by insisting that Arcadia be included into the nearby Wellington National Park.

Our campaign will include the printing of another 2,000 postcards, organising forest tours and fund-raising events, lobbying politicians, utilising social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Utube to create more public awareness on the plight of Arcadia and its quokka. There is also a petition (doing the rounds) that has received nearly 2,000 signatures of support.

However, campaigns cost money, and as PEG is a non-for-profit grassroots organisation; donations are humbly appreciated.

PEG would like to thank all those members of the public who have supported our campaign up to now - because without your support; Arcadia and its small colony of quokka would be just another casualty in Premier Barnett and Minister Marmion's contempt for our natural environment.

For more information on Arcadia's quokka and on where to send donations, go to: