Quokka rescuers take to the trees

Arcadia forest was a hive of activity over the weekend with members of the Arcadia Action Alliance, building and placing a huge tree-tripod (cut from a nearby blue-gum plantation) at the entrance to the forest.

The manned tripod was erected to deter Forest Products Commission logging contractors (expected any hour) from killing or maiming rare mainland quokka and destroying their habitat. The tripod is expected to hold-up logging operations for several hours.

Quokka are protected under several Australian Wildlife Conservation Acts, and the AAA are expecting police and Department of Environment and Conservation officers, to arrest logging contractors who breach the Acts by entering Arcadia with the intent to kill, maim or destroy quokka habitat.

The AAA also wants the Minister for the Environment Bill Marmion to release the long over-due Quokka Recovery Plan, still sitting idle on the DEC’s CEO Kieran McNamara’s desk. The public have a right to know what the Minister is hiding by not releasing the recovery plan.

Another small colony of mainland quokka living in Nairn forest near Northcliffe, are also under threat from FPC logging operations.

If only Bill Marmion would do his job, and protect these rare beautiful West Australian icons and their habitat from the FPC bulldozers.