Community Notice

The Barnett government intends to log Arcadia forest near Lowden (see map). Arcadia forest is home to a small colony of mainland quokka (Setonix brachyurus) and should the logging proceed - then these rare native mammals will not survive.

There are six things that the logging arm of the Barnett government, the Forest Products Commission, don’t want you to know before they commence logging in Arcadia:

1. FPC logs our native forest at an economic loss.
2. Logging will increase salinity into local dams including the salt affected Wellington dam.
3. Logging contributes to climate change.
4. Logging spreads dieback.
5. 30-tonne logging machines will be used in the logging operation.
6. Logging kills quokka and destroys their habitat.

‘Save Arcadia’s Quokka’ campaign is co-ordinated by the Preston Environment Group, a non-profit organization ‘protecting your environment for future generations’.

Please send a donation or purchase one of our beaut ‘Save Arcadia Quokka’ T-shirts for only $20. To order a T-shirt or make a donation go to: .