“Arcadia Art Attack”: Big Thank You

WOW! What a fabulous day it was, and how fitting for a bunch of enthusiastic passionate local and Bunbury folk to spend Australia Day - plying their creative and artistic skills and inspiration to colourfully voice their sentiments to save something as precious and unique as Arcadia forest and its quokka.

Many thanks go to local artists Josh Langley for leading the way - which resulted in one of the best banners seen this side of DEC’s/FPC’s black stump (see photo)

Also a special thanks to local artist Zev Ostrowski for her amazing “Save Arcadia/Quokka” banner and to Sue Hill’s daughter, Kate, for her quokka Facebook banner (see photo).

The banners will now be used (and displayed) in the ongoing forest campaign to create more public awareness on the plight of the small colony of mainland quokka that call Arcadia forest home.

You can also find Arcadia’s quokka on Facebook

Sallie Coulson
Preston Environment Group