Bulldozers move-in on quokka - 7 Feb

Mainland Quokka Colony to Face Extinction

The primary role of this website is to create more public awareness on the plight of a small colony of mainland quokka (Setonix brachyurus) in the Arcadia state forest near Bunbury.

The Department of Environment and Conservation conducted native mammal surveys in Arcadia in (2005/06) and documented quokka activity in a number of sites.

For this small colony of quokka to survive, the animals need undisturbed habitat including protection from feral predators such as foxes and cats. However there is a more destructive force at play in quokka habitat in Arcadia. And that is the notorious logging arm of the state government, the Forest Products Commission.

The FPC plan to log the Arcadia forest within the next few months, and with the logging operations; will also come 30 tonne logging machines, which crush every living organism in their path. Once the machines are done, then the DEC - on behalf of the FPC - will incinerate what's left standing in Arcadia.

The Preston Environment Group is coordinating a 'Quokka Rescue' campaign to try and save this small colony of rare mainland quokka from extinction. PEG is a non profit organization protecting your environment for future generations. After all, extinction is forever.

Please donate generously.

For more information contact: PEG on 97 321 270 or 043 997 6507

Contact the Minister for Forestry and ask him to stop the logging


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